Our Story

I started this brand in Septemeber 2016 after finishing my study in France, at that time I felt really lucky to travel to Europe and explore different cultures. After 2 years of staying in my hometown, I had the urged to continued traveling again. On the road, I always run into different people and things, these are the inspirations of this brand. I feel really lucky to be able to share the love and excitement of traveling throughout my brand and encourage people to go after what they want as well. For me, life is a journey itself.
If you keep doing what you’re enjoying, then you are already on the road!
In modern society, people tend to live a fast-paced life. Most people are stuck by their phones and forget to enjoy the simple wonderful moments in life. At Sea Through Love is, we hope to become the source of happiness and bring wonderful details for our customers. No matter buying gifts for yourself or your loved ones, we’ll hope to deliver happiness to you.
Having a quality joyful life is not hard to achieve if you pay more attention to details.
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