Our Story


Life takes us to unexpected places sometimes. And that ended up being the best thing!

Wendy grew up in Taipei, loves traveling and exploring different cultures. After finishing her study in France, she went to Australia and started this brand in September 2016, hoping she could make a little something for someone. Joanne grew up in Hong Kong, loves traveling and nature. We met in the spring of 2019 in a surfing event and found out immediately that we share the same deep passion for traveling and decided to take the brand to the next level. In the dream of sharing our positive energy and excitement of life to more customers.

Life is a journey itself. On the road, we can always run into different lifestyles and possibilities, these are the inspirations of our brand. We love life and enjoy every single journey, felt really lucky to have this chance to share our journey with you.

We believe: If you keep doing what you’re enjoying, then you are already on the road!



In modern society, people tend to live a fast-paced life. Most people are stuck by their phones and highly internet addicted. We forgot to enjoy and missed the simple wonderful moments in life. At Sea Through Love, we hope to become the source of happiness and bring wonderful details to you. We urge you on doing things you love and love what you do. We keep things simple and encourage you returning to the lovely nature.


Having a quality joyful life is not hard to achieve if you pay more attention to details.

Explore our site now and discover a comfortable life with us.



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